While Cycrest’s Website Blocking and Protection system is in use for the majority of our Clients and can block malicious sites, we can also block the sites that are notoriously known to transfer viruses and malware.

You should enable website blocking for sites such as: file sharing, social media, dating, adult, music and other non-business type sites. This is a great first step to help limit your company’s exposure.

Then, for clients that do want their employees to have full and unrestricted access to the internet from work, we can install or configure a “Guest WiFi”, or “Employee WiFi connection point so they may use their personal devices to access that internet as needed on their breaks or lunchtimes.

Website Blocking – Changes You Can Make via User Administrative Rights:

Currently, on each User’s workstation, each User has “Administrative (Admin) Rights.” This simply means Users can make any changes, install any software, or change any setting they would like. The main reason Users had these rights were that many of the programs running on that User’s Workstations needed to have full access and Admin rights to run properly.

Due to the User’s full access to their workstations, this is the main reason Hackers/Attackers try to gain access to theUser’s workstation through fake emails, and contaminated/compromised websites. Once a Hacker/Attacker has access to that User’s workstation, they then have Admin rights to take over that workstation and start attacking the system from within.

Admin Privileges Necessary for Many Website Blocking Scenarios

Due to the increased attacks to Users’ Workstations over the past couple years, many Software programmers and software programs have been shifting away from needing Users to have Admin rights, although not all. As a result of many programs still needing this Admin access, it’s not just as easy as changing or lowering a User’s access rights as their main programs may not work.

This is a process that is necessary to see which programs do and do not need these rights. In that, Cycrest strongly recommends changing User’s privileges so they do not have Admin access where possible. In many cases, the reprogramming shift only has a smaller reprogramming cost versus any product cost.

Then for situations where we find certain key programs still need to have Admin rights, Cycrest has an option that we can add to that User’s Workstation which will allow you to select which programs will be allowed Admin access and which will not. This then allows you to manage the User’s Workstations that need to continue to have this Admin privilege.

These are just a few of the many IT support services that Cycrest can provide, which can help prevent hackers, viruses and malware. Contact us today to learn more about our website blocking and protection mechanisms.