Are you in need of a phone system that allows you to effortlessly work from home?

Need a phone system that allows you more flexibility, upwards mobility, and professional growth? Do you want phones that will help you save money and offer you way more features and benefits? Cycrest has you covered with the latest VOIP technology.

The demand for remote work is growing in leaps and bounds; Since 2012, Cycrest has sold, installed, and runs continuous support for many popular VoIP systems.

Today’s phone systems are more closely integrated as part of your computer and office network, making them easier to use than ever. These days, you can just take your office phone home and plug it into your home network to start receiving “office” calls directly. You can also use your computer as a phone (soft-phone) or use your current mobile device to answer, initiate, and transfer calls using your office number – Exactly like you are making calls from your office.

Today’s VoIP Phone Systems offer users many options; they work with your existing computer network and utilize the internet to help save you money. In addition, many VoIP Systems are Cloud based meaning they also act as a backup to your mobile devices in the event of an internet outage.

For many of our Cycrest Clients, we are able to simply re-allocate the monthly fee you currently spend on your phone bill and direct it towards implement a new VOIP system with unlimited long distance. You’ll get access to new phones, better technology, and more features and benefits – often at a lower cost.

Cycrest offers a variety of reputable and easy-to-use phone systems such as Mitel, Ring Central, Avaya, and Nextiva (among others.)

Here are a few reasons people are choosing to upgrade their current systems to VoIP phone systems.

  1. High Quality
    A VoIP system utilizes your existing Internet connection to make calls, instead of using traditional telephone lines. This means all of your communication data is turned into packets and sent through the internet network. With our firewall systems, we configure a “QOS” Quality of Service to ensure you receive the bandwidth necessary for reliable clarity in the quality of your calls.
  2. Service Mobility
    If your business requires mobility, VoIP services can be of tremendous benefit to you. With a traditional phone system, if you are unable to answer the phone the call is lost or sent to voicemail. With VoIP phones, there are no physical limitations. You can work from home, your mobile device, or even your computer. With a VoIP system, your office is anywhere that you are.
  3. Versatility
    Using a VoIP phone system allows you to multi-task with a myriad of tech-savvy devices. Voicemails can show up in your email and phone calls can be re-directed to other extensions or numbers if you are already on the phone. With VoIP systems you are not restricted to the number of phone lines you have, so there are no busy signals for incoming calls or waiting for an available line to make a call.
  4. Easy Conference Calls
    Since all calls use a converged data network instead of individual, dedicated phone lines, a VoiP phone system makes creating and participating in conference calls (including Video conferencing!) easier than ever.
  5. Efficient Client Interactions
    In today’s economy, businesses and employees can be located anywhere but staying connected and making everyone feel like part of the team never ceases to be vital. With a VoIP service there is no longer any reason you can’t conduct important calls, as calls may be made and received from your mobile device (which will still show your company phone number on your Client’s caller ID.)

    Recently, you may have noticed a variety of major companies have eliminated voicemail. While this decision may not be appropriate for every business, some companies have found that answering voicemails is inefficient and takes up too much time. In addition, many customer service issues stem from voicemails, which can stack up and go un-returned.

    With VoIP phones, you decide where your calls ring and how. For example, you might select the first few rings of a be forwarded to your office. If you don’t answer the call, it will then be re-directed to a second or third device, such as a mobile phone or laptop. Quite simply, urgent calls don’t need to be missed anymore.

    With VoIP systems, Faxes can also be received and forwarded to multiple parties instantly.
  6. Reliability
    A common concern that surfaces about VoIP is that if the internet stops working, presumably so does your networks ability to make and receive calls but this doesn’t have to occur under the right circumstances. The truth is that call-forwarding, like other features with VoIP phones, is an incredibly flexible tool.

The capability to choose where and how your calls are forwarded means that you don’t have to sacrifice productivity because of local power outages or weather-related events. If your office phone can’t be answered, your mobile device or laptop can.

Overall, there are many compelling reasons to consider a VoIP phone system. If you’d like to know more or if you have any specific questions about any of the VOIP systems we carry, or their features and benefits, please ask us for details.

As technology continues to expand and integrate, the lines between telephone systems and computer networks are being erased, allowing us to harness the power of your company’s network and elevate your telecommunications to the highest level. Contact Cycrest to learn more about VOIP. Connect with us on LinkedIn.