Voice-Over-IP is a cost-effective alternative to traditional phone systems.

VOIP Phone Systems & Telephony

VOIP technology ensures seamless, high-quality voice communications across various platforms.

Cycrest’s phone systems are designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses, offering features like virtual conferencing, call routing, and integrated messaging services. 

Voip phone systems

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Cycrest: VoIP Phone Systems In Spokane

Need a business phone system that is affordable and allows you to work from a remote office, while you’re on the road, or working from home just like you were in the office? Need a phone system that allows scalability, flexibility, mobility and growth? Need a phone system that allows computer screen sharing, video calling, video and audio conference calls?

Cycrest Provides Two Primary VOIP Services:

✅ Cloud Based VoIP Systems

✅ On-Premise Based VoIP Systems

What We Provide:

At Cycrest, we take phone systems to a whole new level. With our advanced VoIP Phone systems in Spokane, we allow your organization endless features and benefits that help save you money and propel your organization forward. Whether it’s taking or making calls anywhere in the world as if you were right in your office, conducting a video call to help connect more closely with your Client, Employee or Colleague, doing video presentations with screen sharing to help illustrate a point, or even a brain storming session with many people located all over the world, our VoIP Phone Systems are here to help you.

Some of the many time and money-saving features include:

  • Low Cost Calling to local, national and global locations
  • Low startup costs
  • Mix and match phone and profile types to meet each person’s specific needs
  • Multiple person and Conference calling
  • Voicemail to text/email
  • Make/Take/Transfer calls from mobile devices using company phone lines
  • On-Demand and full time call recording
  • Call transfer to both internal and outside locations seamlessly
  • Hunt groups to allow multiple locations to ring at the same time and handle calls
  • Direct Dial numbers to each phone/extension
  • Custom on-hold music
  • Video Calls and Video Conference Calls
  • Screen sharing for presentations
  • Crystal-clear, HD voice
  • Seamless phone to PC integration
  • Detailed call reporting
  • Time of day call routes
  • Overflow call handling
  • Custom caller ID and integration with CRM systems

What are VoIP Phone Systems and how do they work?

VoIP Phone Systems (Voice over Internet Protocol), is a technology that works similar to how your office computer network and the internet works. It turns your voice into data packets that are carried over your office and the internet networks. We then plug into those networks to use that infrastructure to not only save you money, however, to also allow you to make and take your call anywhere in the world as well as delivering features such as video and video conference calling, screen sharing and a plethora of other features and benefits. Lastly, because we can use your existing internet connection, we can save you even more money by disconnecting your traditional phone lines.

Differences between Cloud Based and On-Premise Based VoIP phone systems:

On-Premise VoIP phone systems have a larger one-time upfront hardware, software and labor charge based on the number of phones and main system you need. This system then needs to be maintained with annual support agreements, yearly software upgrades and other on-going maintenance costs. Once installed, your on-going charges are based on the number of internet phone lines used per month. You save money as these VoIP System Phone Lines are less costly per month. Conventional/Traditional Phone lines are 45.00 – 55.00 per month, VoIP Phone Lines (SIP/PRI Lines) are normally 11.00 – 12.00 per line per month. Then your On-Premise phone system shares however many phone lines you buy each month.

Cloud-based VoIP phone systems are normally based on “Profiles” and Phone model types and have very little, or no upfront fees/costs. You first select the phone model you like for each position/person. Then select a Profile that is then matched with each phone. A Profile is a list of features and benefits that a particular user and phone will have. There are different models of phones that may be used as well as different levels of Profiles, each having a different set of features and benefits. This cost ranges from 8.50 – 29.50 per Profile and Phone, per month. This price normally includes the phone, profile, phone line, long distance and additional feature sets based on each phone and profile. For most companies that have a traditional Analog/Digital phone system, they can normally lower their monthly costs right off the bat and replace their existing system with a new Cloud Based VoIP, saving monthly from day 1.

The benefits of an On-Premise VoIP system are normally the same as Cloud VoIP system.

Whether you choose an On-Premise, or Cloud Based VoIP systems, the features and benefits are normally the same. The difference between these two is usually found in the startup and on-going costs. The number of phones, lines and existing network hardware helps determine if the On-Premise VoIP or Cloud VoIP is a better price point and option…generally if you have 60 phones or more, On-Premise VoIP systems are a more cost effective choice. Whether you are looking for an On-Premise or Cloud Based VoIP System, Cycrest has options for you. You save money as these VoIP system phone lines are less costly per month. Cycrest represents a variety of VoIP Phone Manufactures: Mitel, Shortel, Toshiba, Ring Central, Comcast Edge, and Cisco to name just a few.