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Whether you require an on-premise or cloud-based network, Cycrest Systems provides stability, security, & increased productivity to your organization with our One Call Total Service approach.

The Inland Northwest's premier relationship-driven Managed IT Provider

Cycrest helps make technology work in a way that helps your business grow, thrive, and flourish.

Increased Stability

Using industry standards coupled with Cycrest's best practices, we provide the stability you need.

Increased Security

Protect your technology and organization with our advanced and layered security measures.

Increased Productivity

Cycrest provides the solutions to help your organization achieve more from your technology.

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save time & Money

Partner with someone who cares about you and your organization.

Cycrest has been a leading force in managed IT solutions since 1985, offering comprehensive services to businesses throughout the Northwest.

One Call Total Service
: We pride ourselves on being your fully outsourced IT department, ready to tackle the complexities of technology to help your business grow and thrive.

IT Services Available in Spokane and BEYOND

Industries we sUPPORT

Cycrest offers you options, from a full service outsourced IT department solution, backing up and supporting your organization’s in-house IT department or even placing support personnel at your location, Cycrest has your service needs covered. We offer you a variety of IT solutions that help keep your network up, stable and secure allowing you to be more productive. Our teams hold specializations in HIPAA and HITECH, PCI-DSS, CMMC, SOX, and others; supported by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, leading industry partners and government agencies: we understand the unique challenges and compliance requirements that may affect you.

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Medical & Dental

In today’s practices; privacy, security and reliability are key components to great patient care. Cycrest’s experience with digital and paperless practices is unmatched, allowing providers to focus on quality patient care, not technology problems.

Legal & Accounting

With high demands in running successful Legal and Accounting practices, stable and secure systems allowing remote connectivity and paperless options are a foundation for any Legal and Accounting practice, Cycrest provides these services since 1985.

Construction & Development

Intense environments in the Construction & Development industry are hard on computers. In addition, strong accounting, project management and communication systems are the foundation of these success companies. Cycrest covers these needs since 1985.

Service & Retail​

High uptime, stable and fast systems are the foundation for any service and retail organization. Cycrest understands this need and builds solid infrastructures that allow these organizations to operate 24/7 365 days a year.


Today’s ERP/MRP systems, in conjunction with varying environmental stresses and multi-location integrations, Cycrest provides comprehensive systems that allows to operate at high levels with low downtime meaning more profits and efficiency.


Reliable systems allowing multiple property connections, integrated time card systems for payroll/HR management duties and inventory management are foundations of most Hospitality organizations. Cycrest integrates these systems on stable platforms.


With the diverse needs and demands for our Federal, State and Local Government Clients, Cycrest is State of Washington approved and credential preferred vendor for IT Support.

Nonprofit Organizations

Cycrest believes in supporting our community. Discounted services, special considerations and technology grant writing services are offered to our local non-profit organizations that serve Spokane’s diverse population needs.

our Process

When you first call Cycrest, we listen to your concerns and learn your needs, we ask questions to clarify, and then provide you with options to meet your specific wants and needs.


Cycrest’s IT intake process is a comprehensive and client-focused approach. It begins with a detailed listening phase where the Cycrest team dedicates time to understand exactly why a client has sought our services. We want to learn about each client’s organization, current network infrastructure, concerns, visions, and goals.

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Once our initial process is complete, we share our findings, invite discussions and offer options that will help provide more stability and increased productivity to your organization.

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Once a path is set, Cycrest’s Team of Professionals take responsibility for the successful implementation of your chosen option. While technology has its challenges, Cycrest stays with your project ensuring a more stable system that allows your organization more productivity.

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At Cycrest, we know each organization has different support and service needs. Cycrest provides IT solutions on a Time and Material basis, discounted time blocks, low flat rate monthly support plans all with options that include our CMS preventative system to help keep your network up and going.



It services

At Cycrest, we understand how important dependable, stable, reliable and cost effective technology is to your business, which is why we are Spokane’s “One Call…Total Service,” top solution provider.

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At Cycrest, Network Security isn’t just a buzz phrase; it’s architected into every level of our process. We develop and engineer-in many layers of security into the networks we manage and build.

Spokane cloud backup and data recovery

At Cycrest, we offer many different backup and disaster recovery solutions. From internal encrypted cartridge backup systems that allow off site removal, to Internet based off-site Cloud data backup.

Voip phone systems

At Cycrest, we take phone systems to a whole new level. With our advanced VoIP Phone systems in Spokane, we allow your organization endless features and benefits that help save you money and propel your organization forward.

It services

Whether your Organization has or needs an On-Premise or Cloud based solution, count on Cycrest. We offer you complete Cloud solutions that offer stability, security, and increased productivity to you and your Organization.

It compliance assessment and auditing

Navigating the complexities of regulatory standards requires a comprehensive approach to compliance and auditing. Our services extend beyond mere adherence to standards; we offer a strategic partnership that includes regular audits.

Your Lifelong Technology Advocates

Partners In Technology

As your partners in technology, we are committed to being by your side every step of the way, ensuring your IT infrastructure is robust, secure, and efficient.

Why We're Different

At Cycrest, we don’t just prioritize technical superiority; we emphasize providing personal and approachable IT consulting services to each of our clients.

Our commitment is long-term, ensuring that we offer IT services that make us a vital ally for your business.

Three Decades of Experience

Cycrest Systems has been steadfast in the Inland Northwest since 1985, providing unparalleled hardware, software, networking sales, service, and support. This extensive experience means we understand the unique needs of organizations in this region, ensuring that your business stays productive and competitive.

Comprehensive IT Support

As a top IT company in Spokane, Cycrest excels in offering a wide range of services, including managed IT, cloud computing, and comprehensive tech support. Our “One Call…Total Service” approach simplifies your tech needs, allowing you to focus on your core business activities while our team handles all of your IT concerns.


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Customized Solutions & Personalized Service

Cycrest is renowned for its personalized approach to Spokane IT services. We work closely with clients to update networks and systems, find innovative solutions to complex problems, and maintain seamless operations. Our team is known for explaining technical concepts in an understandable way, ensuring clear communication and effective problem-solving.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Cycrest Systems is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience from the receptionist to the technical support team. We are recognized for going above and beyond in every service aspect, ensuring that each interaction is positive, professional, and productive.

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Trusted Expertise and Confidence Building

Cycrest has earned the trust of its clients through consistent and reliable service. Our deep understanding of client systems instills confidence, and our friendly, knowledgeable engineers are always ready to address any issue or question with expertise and efficiency.

Proactive & Collaborative Approach

The Cycrest team is responsive and proactive, working collaboratively with clients to understand and address their needs. We are open to suggestions and are dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals, ensuring that all technological aspects are well taken care of.

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